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KNX Professionals is a group with KNX-pros in which all of them have completed KNX advanced course, which is a requirement from KNX. This means that they have been trained for heating and lighting control, use of couplers/routers in larger buildings, visualisation (displays), alarm, failsafe planning, extra software tools, m.m.

KNX Professionals are real experts. They know a lot about the KNX- technology. Of course the skills are different between the members and the experience is blended (from installation, process automation to the HVAC-area).

The goal of the group is that the members shall be updated with new KNX-technology, spread the knowledge and act for a sustainable development of KNX.

In the group there are today about 60 members.

Several targets have been marked out for future years of operation and the group wants to promote;
- Providing basic support and hotline primarily to KNX Partners (FAQ, Tips, Knowledge Base, Forum) through the experience of the group,
- The fact that many systems have been conducted in previous years and some of them not has been correctly performed. Make contact with someone who can fix the errors. Show that not KNX is faulty, but the implementation for various reasons is wrong,
- By working with issues relating to Profitability - Durability - Quality - Efficiency the group can make is possible for KNX Manufacturers, Wholesalers,Installers, Consultants, Systems Integrators and End customers to get the best benefits of a healthy development,
- Products and product databases standard and how it can be managed in the best way,
- Recomend a routine for handing over the project to the customer,
- The group will also internal and external raise product news and product tips

General working group including the following issues;
- Training Questions,
- Installer Issues,
- Consulting Questions,

You can apply for membership. Contact:


Now 80 members

More members ... and now we are 80 members in total.

Now 60 members

More members ... and now we are 60 members in total.

Now 54 members

More members ... and now we are 54 members in total.

18 more members

During the past month there have been 18 more members joining and now is the total amount 48 members.



KNX Professionals är grundat av Växjö Yrkeshögskola – KNX Scientific Partner, Tekniska Byrån - KNX Training center och ett stort antal KNX proffs.

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